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Elevating blockchain gaming to the new height with a professional tournament system

Agency Marketing

Being a playground for all gaming enthusiasts - fans, gamers, guilds and yield guilds, esports teams, publishers, organizers


Virtualizing the entire battles/tournaments viewing experience via VR Metaverse

Develop Inhouse Projects

Opening up brand sponsorship opportunities beyond what are already possible

About us

We are the organiztion in the field of Blockchain, with the strong resources of owning one of the largest social media systems, press networks, and prominent KOLs/influencers in Vietnam and Global.

We are aiming for becoming the trusted companion with potential NFT/Blockchain Gaming Projects, keeping up with the world’s latest trends.

Social Networks
Global Influencers
  • Influencer Advertisement Posts & Short Videos
  • Streaming playing game/AMA
  • Games viral video – create and entertaining content on diverse platform (Youtube/Tiktok/Facebook)

Communicate blockchain/crypto projects in the ways that understandable, exciting and most entertaining to audience.

VietNam Influencers
  • WAR ZONE 317K followers
  • VAN TUNG 176K followers
  • HIEU HUE 79K followers
Together with us, create a new trend
IFact, Why So Serious

A fixed number of gamers play the same content in a fixed duration by free-to-join or ticket-to-join. Top gamers will receive rewards.

Case Study #The Parallel
  • 33 Social Pages
  • 94,250+ Reactions

Highlight Project

Mind Gaming

Become a large game community, aiming for 100,000 players corresponding to 100,000 jobs in the near future.

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Strategic Partners

News updates in the Crypto market, knowledge coins crypto overview, in-depth articles from experts.


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